Monday, 2 July 2018

Our Queer Picks for Toronto Fringe 2018

It's time for Toronto Fringe again, where some of the best (queer) independent voices can be heard telling their unique stories. We scoured the 2018 program to come up with Gay Theatre Toronto's Queer Picks for Toronto Fringe 2018.

Ryan G. Hinds - photo by Dahlia Katz

#KanderAndEbb by Ryan G. Hinds (colored lights)

What happens when a lifelong fan finds himself semi-close to Broadway legends? #KanderandEbb is where show tunes, celebrity gossip and kinky sex meet! Toronto Fringe favourite Ryan G. Hinds returns with a hilarious and touching solo show.

Is That How Clowns Have Sex? A One-Woman, Queer Clown Sex-Ed Show  Lead Artist: Fiona Ross (Maximaliste Productions)

Ms. Beatrice Haven struggles to navigate teaching sex-ed, her own sexuality, and dental dams.

Carmilla by Adam Steele (Pointed Cap Playhouse)

An adaptation of one of the earliest works of vampire fiction, set in a Victorian world. Carmilla explores themes of queer sexuality, gender, sexual agency and toxic masculinity through burlesque, horror, camp, drama, romance and sensuality.

Andy Warhol Musical: In Rehearsal by Vinetta Strombergs (Josie's Pussy Cats)

A behind the scenes look at the creation of a musical about Andy Warhol's Silver Factory and the people who helped make Andy famous.

The Ding Dong Girls by Christopher Richards and Gordon Bowness (Mogo Co.)

This hilarious drag musical tells the mostly untrue legend of five young gay men who form a madcap, politically-motivated drag troupe in early 1990s Toronto. 

The Last Party (a new musical) by Steven Gallagher and Nicky Phillips (Next Step)

Dylan is dying. Dylan is getting married. In the hours leading up to his wedding Dylan reflects on his life as his partner and his sister attempt to grant his last wish: to plan and attend his own memorial.

The Pansy Craze: A New Musical by Avery Jean Brennan (Next Stop Productions)

In the 1930s, a company of artists whose identities have prevented them from working in the performing arts tell a story of perseverance, gender, and self-acceptance.

Cheri by Sky Gilbert (Cheri-On-The-Run Productions) 

Lea, an aging ex-courtesan, performs a musical based on her life story. The play deals with issues of aging and the true nature of love. Based on the novels of Colette.

Toronto Fringe 2018 runs July 4 to 15. For info on all of these shows and more, visit

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