Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Toronto Fringe review: You And That F*cking Gorilla

By Darren Stewart-Jones

You And That F*cking Gorilla has an impressive title to live up to and, for the most part, the production doesn't disappoint. The play details the story of Robert, a husband and father of two who brings home a gorilla from the zoo where he works. Everyone in the family is thrilled to have a new pet of sorts, except Robert's downtrodden, mild-mannered wife, Beth.

Nobody seems to understand Beth's lack of enthusiasm where the gorilla is concerned and she becomes the victim of much abuse from her family and "best friend" Carolyn, played brilliantly over-the-top by Lauren Albin. Carolyn is a brash but sexy leopard print wearing meddler, who seems to stop by for a liquid lunch of white wine every day. Albin had the entire audience in stitches for most of her performance.

While this script had some great lines and lots of laughs, I found myself feeling a little too sorry for Beth at times to fully enjoy the comedic tone of the piece. Beth becomes quite degraded by the end of the play and Charlotte Boyer's realistic portrayal of her character seemed at odds with the rest of the cast's broad performances. This was most likely a directorial choice but it didn't quite work for me as an audience member. That being said, I did enjoy a lot of what was happening in this play.

Did I mention Sean Steinmann? He is the sexiest gorilla I have ever laid eyes on.

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