Saturday, 4 July 2015

Toronto Fringe review: Klondyke: Stand Up Straight From The Yukon

By Darren Stewart-Jones

Klondyke: Stand Up Straight From The Yukon contains humour about two things that, as a gay male, I don’t know much about – lesbians and vaginas. Jenny Hamilton has definitely taught me a thing or two about both! Her set is also quite informative about life in the Yukon, where, and I am totally paraphrasing here - “The men are men and so are most of the women.”
Hamilton’s stand-up routine is slick, professional and most importantly – funny. Personally, I had numerous laugh-out-loud moments throughout her set as did the rest of the audience at her opening night performance.

I don’t love stand-up as an art form but I’ve seen a couple of comedians perform live over the last few months, including Jenny Hamilton, who are helping to change my mind. I haven’t given stand-up enough of a chance until recently. I mean, who wouldn’t want to sit in a darkened theatre and laugh out loud for an hour? And that’s exactly what I did at Klondyke: Stand Up Straight From The Yukon.  Even bathroom humour, which I abhor, was funny coming out of Hamilton’s mouth. My only real complaint about this show was that it ended about ten minutes short of its one hour time slot. Perhaps Hamilton knows to “always keep them wanting more”.
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