Saturday, 4 July 2015

Toronto Fringe review: "Friend" "Like" #Me

By Darren Stewart-Jones

While watching Gavin Crawford in “Friend” “Like” #Me, you soon clue in that you are in the presence of comic genius. The man’s brain seems to working a mile a minute as he recounts stories and impersonates characters – some real, others imaginary – during his tour de force solo show at Toronto Fringe.
While Crawford has garnered several nominations and awards for his character portrayals on stage and television, this show allows audiences a brief glimpse into who Crawford is as a person. While the outlandish, over-the-top characters he embodies are definitely fun to watch, Gavin just being Gavin is an equally funny and rewarding experience.

Every single audience member, unless they really do live in a cave, can relate to the basic premise of the show. “Friend” “Like” #Me explores our love/hate relationship with the internet and the people and things we come across while surfing it. As much as we hate being a slave to it, the information superhighway really has become a necessity in most of our lives. Crawford’s show argues that while the internet can sometimes be a nuisance, a chore or even an evil entity, in the end it enables each of us to have our voice heard.

This show should definitely be on everyone’s "must see" list at this year’s Toronto Fringe. Hashtag Brilliant.

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