Friday, 28 June 2013

On The Fringe

The 25th annual Toronto Fringe Festival runs July 3-14, 2013. As per standard at Toronto Fringe, LGBTQ stories are fairly well represented.

The following are Gay Theatre Toronto's 2013 Toronto Fringe picks...

What?  - Spoon

Why? - This site-specific show's setting is the apartment above Glad Day Bookshop on Yonge Street, where the main characters live. Written by Spencer Charles Smith, the play is inspired by the gender performance theories of Judith Butler and is directed by Canadian queer theatre heavyweight Sky Gilbert.
What? - Stop Kiss
Why? - This is the Toronto premiere of the award-winning play by writer Diana Son, fifteen years after its first run in New York City. As a first kiss between female friends is met with an act of homophobic violence, this modern love story asks the audience to consider love outside the boundaries of sexuality.
What? - Fort Isabel
Why? - This queer-themed play explores homophobia in a rural Ontario town and how childhood experiences shape who we are as adults. This is a collaboration by Blood Orange Theatre and Deviant Productions, the latter of whom are dedicated to questioning and challenging societal views of gender and sexuality through a feminist and queer lens.
What? - Liza Live!
Why? - The lovely and talented Jennifer Walls, playing everybody's favourite old-school Diva, knocked 'em dead with a shorter version of this show at the Next Stage Festival earlier this year. I love how Liza Minnelli's name is misspelled in the Fringe program. The Fringe staff should be forced to listen to "Liza With A Z" over and over and over...
What? - One Side of an Ampersand
Why? - This play explores the non-traditional relationship between two friends, Alice and Helen. The entire crew consists of current Ryerson Theatre students and three of the four cast members are recent graduates from the Ryerson acting program.
What? - VGL 5'4" Top
Why? - Lucas, a sexually frustrated and vertically challenged young man, is ready to fight back. The publicity shots for this show are great. If I wasn't already shacked up, I think I'd likely be hanging around New York writer/performer Lucas Brooks' dressing room door for an autograph.

What? - The Effects of Time Travel on Neurotic Homos

Why? - During the flurry of media attention for the "It Gets Better" project, playwright Neil Cameron asked himself, "Did it get better?" This show is a comedy about getting older and presumably wiser.

What? - Stealing Sam

Why? - Playwright Steven Gallagher also wrote Craplicker, a 2010 Toronto Fringe Best of Fringe Uptown pick and Memorial, which played at the Next Stage Festival earlier this year. His plays are seriously funny.
What? - MSM (men seeking men)

Why? - This dance theatre piece is inspired by actual transcripts of online conversations between men seeking men. It features live spinning by local DJ SCOOTER.

What? - Baggage 2

Why? - This play is a sequel to Shaun McCarthy's hit one-man show from 2009. "I feel like a gay Taylor Swift," says McCarthy. "I date guys and then write shows about it."

What? - Making Love With Espresso

Why? - This show promises to serve up dark sexual roasts and full-bodied humour. Lorenzo Pagnotta's Fringe debut mines Italian and gay culture to tell a tale of modern love.


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