Thursday, 21 June 2012

Pam Ann's Flying High

I first saw Pam Ann perform while I was on a layover in London, England about five years ago. Yes, you read it correctly - a layover. For besides writing, directing, producing and performing, what really helps me to pay the mortgage after all this time is my regular gig as a Flight Attendant.

I can't say I was thrilled with Pam Ann's show back then. It seemed to go on a bit too long. The "bitchy stewardess who only works the First Class cabin" routine can only go so far. I also seem to remember a disco ball and several half naked guys prancing around the stage for no reason in particular.

I am pleased to say that Pam Ann now has several hundred thousand frequent flier miles under her belt and her experience shows. The schtick is still the same but she's now more polished and sure of herself. Her banter with the mostly gay and mostly airline employee crowd comes easily. With a little research, she shows enough knowledge about our local carriers and delights the crowd by poking fun at almost everyone from Air Canada to Bearskin Airlines. Warning - You can't be too sensitive about racial humour at a Pam Ann show. There was lots of it.

What really impressed me at Pam Ann's sold out opening night of a three night run at the Panasonic Theatre was her non airline humour. She's up on current events and boldly jokes about things that the general public is not ready to laugh at, though we did. Is a First Class trolley covered in body parts funny when one of Canada's most horrific killers in recent history has just been escorted back to this country to stand trial? It probably shouldn't be but the audience lapped it up like chilled champagne at 35 000 feet.

And what impressed me even more about Pam Ann was that she helped me realize that my flying gig isn't actually all that bad. In fact, at times over the years, it has been a real joy.

Pam Ann plays the Panasonic Theatre for 2 more shows - June 22 & 23 at 8pm.
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